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N/A Part 1

Bill and Fred's Quazi-Mediocre Adventure Prologue:
Once Upon a Bad Pun

Bill and Fred are in the middle of the desert.

Cast (in order of appearance): Bill, Fred

Date: Sunday, September 26, 1999

Number of Panels: 9

Transcript Edit

SMBHQ Neglected
Characters Presents

A Steven Reich/Jay
Resop Production

Bill and Fred's
Quasi-Mediocre Adventure
Where Availible

Prologue: Once Apon a Bad Pun

(Bill and Fred are in the middle of a desert.)

Fred: (To Bill) So the bartender said, we don't serve breakfast! Hahahaha!

Bill: Fred? What exactly are we doing out here anyway? I mean, don't we have anything important to do?

Fred: You're right! Where in the middle of the desert! Whose responcible for this? Someone has to pay!

Bill: I think his name is Jay Resup.

Fred: Lets kill him!

Bill: Um...

Fred: Come on, you wuss! This guy has been giving us the stupidest and most lame parts in his comix! We should be the stars!

Bill: OK...but who should we go to to help us out...

Fred: I know just the dolt...


Fun Facts Edit

Goofs Edit

  • "Where in the middle of the desert!" should be "We're in the middle of the desert!"
  • Responsible is misspelled as "responcible".

Video Game References Edit

  • The desert is from Zelda II.