Dr. Donez is a great character. Maybe even the best.

Ask Dr. Donez Edit

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Dr. Donez answers many questions from his fans.

Here's some of the facts.

  • Degree in Phychology in '83 (ask dd 001-025)
  • Can play the harmonica (ask dd 001-025)
  • Close up is because of some desease (ask dd 001-025)
  • Speaks in an english accent (ask dd 026-050)
  • Monday is "Donez day"
  • Wrote a book called "Dr. Donez's Book of Love" for only $199.99.
  • Thinks anime is alright (at least some anime)
  • Got Law degree at BUM, got most PHDs at Cow Tech.
  • Forgot how old he is, but it's around a hundred something.
  • Perfers cheese over pancakes.
  • Also wrote a book "Dr. Donez's Book of Coolness" for $49.99.
  • Likes corn.
  • Met Fred at BUM Law School. Fred beat him up for lunch money.
  • Is a doctor in Magnets, Biology, Sciencetology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physochemistry, Physics, Physucks, Kemistry, Nuculer Chemistry, Engineering, and Computer Science, among other things.
  • Has 5 PhDs.
  • His Ice Pick is worth at least 60 bucks.
  • The typical Dr. Donez can eat two donez. (donuts)
  • Apparently appeared in an episode of the Simpsons as Dr. Nick's roommate.
  • He eats a lot of donuts.
  • Has an IQ of 5,000,000,001.
  • He'll never tell his first name.
  • Apparently ate Dr. Laura.
  • Never lost a court case.
  • Not a Michael Jackson fan.
  • Not much of a Sega fan.
  • Sometimes spits fire out of his nose.
  • Patented the Intoxicating Intoxication Ray of Intoxicating Inoxicationess.
  • Favorite word: Banana Bread.
  • When he dies, he wants God to tell him he doesn't have to answer questions anymore.
  • Doesn't have a Gamecube, but has a Gametriangle.
  • Knows at least 50 ways to skin a Pikachu.