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N/A NC Deathmatch #2

Cast (in order of appearance): Kirby, Yoshi

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999

Number of Panels: 11

Transcript Edit

Host: Welcome to the first ever Neglected Character Deathmatch! I am your host, John Poser II.
Host #2: And I am Lyle Orlando.
Poser: We'll show you all the deadlyest matchups in the history of gaming!
Orlando: On to tonite's match.
Poser: In the Yellow corner, weighing in at 230 pounds, the Green Great, the Deadly Dinosaur, the King of Krule, Yoshi!
Orlando: And in the Purple courner, weighing in at 20 pounds, the Mega Marshmellow, the King of Kuteness, the one and only, Kirby!

Poser: This will be one heck of a fight. This match will determine the Master of Munching.
Orlando: Yoshi has his work cut out for him, Kirby is the greatest fighter in Dreamland.
Poser: But Yoshi has been carrying Mario on his back for years, I don't know if anything harder than THAT.
Orlando: Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

(Kirby and Yoshi are shown on the battlefield.)

Kirby: I'm going to eat you alive!

Yoshi: Hey, thats my line!

Kirby: Kirby Super Suck!

(Kirby inhales Yoshi.)

Yoshi: Ah oh...

Orlando: So Kirby starts off the night with his patented Mega Muncher.
Poser: Yoshi is in a ton of trouble. No one to go inside Kirby's mouth has ever made it out alive.

Kirby: Erp... Tastes old shoe... blah.

(Kirby spits out Yoshi.)

Kirby: Take This!!!

Yoshi: Ew...Kirb Spit...

(Yoshi lands.)

Yoshi: Pant...oh...two can play at that game! Yoshi Super Lick!

(Yoshi wraps his tongue around Kirby, holding him in place.)

Kirby: Doh...

Yoshi: And now...Meteor!!!

(A meteor speeds down from the sky straight towards Kirby.)

Kirby: Mommy...

Yoshi: Hahahahahaahahha!

(The meteor shrinks at the last second into a little rock that bounces off of Kirby's head.

Poser: Oh oh, so Yoshi's Meteor turned out to be a dud. Better luck next time, Yos'ter.

Yoshi: Grumble...stupid...dud...magic... I'm going to kill Red XIII and Celes*...

  • from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy Series

Kirby: Ouch..that hurt... Enough playing around...

(Kirby morphs into a UFO and shoots a beam at Yoshi.)

Kirby: Super UFO of Death! Star Cannon!

Yoshi: Yeeeouch!

KO! The winner, in 47 rounds, Kirby, the Dreamlander!

Yoshi: Gorp...I need a vacation...just wait till next time Kirb.

Poser: Ouch! Yoshi is going to be feeling THAT in the morning.
Orlando: Yoshi shouldn't be too upset, he should be getting ready for his big part in Super MaRPGio 2. If it's any good...
Poser: Well, thats all for today.
Orlando: The next fight's contestants will be announced later (jay hasn't figured out an idea yet.
Poser: Send your thoughts on NC Deathmatch to
Note from Jay-John Poser II and Lyle Orlando do not represent in any way any staff members of the SMBHQ. You're just paranoid.

Trivia Edit