The EVIL-Luigi Story is the first NC Comic series. It was written between September 06, 1998 to November 25, 1998.

A special edition was created almost six years after the series ended.

Characters: Bowser, Mario, Princess Toadstool, Luigi, Wart, Bill, Link, Fred

Number of Panels: 34 (94 in special edition, 138 grand total)

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Plot Summary Edit

After a difficult battle, Mario managed to defeat Bowser and rescue the princess once again. However, Luigi has finally decided he no longer wants to live in his brother's shadow. He becomes Butch, King of the Koopa Clan, and takes over Bowser's army of enemies. He warps a few minions into the room, forcing Mario to flee.

Mario then went on a new adventure: "Super Mario Bros. 4". Along with a small army of three other people, they make their way through Pup-Con, eventually finding Luigi. However, he quickly warps away, leaving Mario to fight Fred the Spanyard.

Mario manages to defeat Fred in a gruesome, bloody battle. Mario heads back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Realizing that his army is now gone, he must face Luigi by himself.

He fights Luigi and Luigi gets squished.

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  • The series took 80 days to complete.