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N/A Part 2

The EVIL-Luigi Story Part 1

Luigi is no longer willing to live in his brother's shadow.

Cast (in order of appearance): Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, Luigi

Date: Sunday, September 06, 1998

Number of Panels: 8

Transcript Edit

This is the first NC Comix. Super Mario Bros. 3 with a twist.

(Mario and Bowser are in the middle of a battle. Bowser shoots a fireball which Mario leaps over.)

Mario: This is a hard fight, glad I packed a drink.

(Mario defeats Bowser and begins to dance.)

Mario: Yes! Victory Dance! Do the hustle!

Bowser: No! All I wanted was a friend!

(Bowser disappears.)

Mario: I rule! People will come from all over to worship me!

(Mario imagines a Koopa Troopa and a Boomerang Bro worshiping a statue of himself. He then enters the door into the chamber Princess Peach is being held. She is crying in the corner of the room.)

Mario: Ah, my love.

Princess Peach: Sniff, Sniff, 43 hours of Hogan's Heros...I don't want to live!

(The walls of the chamber turn pink. Mario and Princess Peach meet in the middle of the room. Luigi can be seen outside of the chamber.)

Mario: We can now live in peace!

Princess Peach: (To herself) Who is this guy now?

Luigi: hehe

Mario: (Noticing Luigi) Luigi! You're supposed to be dead! I mean...what are you doing here?

Luigi: I have spent too long in your shadow. I am now Butch, King of the Koopa Clan!

Princess Peach: (To herself) Freaks...

(Luigi sumons a Bob-Omb, a Boomerang Bro, and a Goomba into the chamber. Mario looks up in confusion.)

Luigi: Now I will have my revenge! HAHAHAH!

(Mario is overwhelmed by the enemies.)

Mario: D'oh! I'm outta here!

Luigi: Hahaha! I win! First the Mushroom Kingdom, then the world! Hahaha!


Fun Facts Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mario has 68 extra lifes, 31 coins, and a score of 1,184,740. He also has a single star card.

Remarks Edit

  • Bowser appears to die for no reason.
  • There is no time left on the timer.
  • The end of this comic says "THE END", even though it's the first part of a series.

Goofs Edit

  • When Mario dances, he's Raccoon Mario instead of normal Mario.
  • Heroes in "Hogan's Heros" is misspelled.

Video Game References Edit

  • This whole part is a reference to the final boss and ending of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Real World References Edit

  • The Hustle is a catchall name for several popular disco dances.
  • Princess Peach was forced to watch only Hogan's Heroes, an American television sitcom set in a German prisoner of war camp during the Second World War.

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