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The EVIL-Luigi Story Part 2

Mario goes on another adventure to find his now-evil brother.

Cast (in order of appearance): Bill, Wart, Link, Mario

Date: Monday, September 14, 1998

Number of Panels: 9

Transcript Edit

(A title screen for the game "Super Mario Bros. 4 is shown. Bill floats near the top of the screen. Wart carries a Sniffit over his head as a Shy Guy follows behind. Link pulls a vegetable out of the ground while Mario follows him.)

Narrator: This is a legal game. Trust me. Heheh

(The story screen is shown.)


Butch, King of the Koopa Klan. Has taken over Bowser's forces. (Groan) He has also taken the (Arg) Princess. Your job as player is sit through another game of Mario. It may look new, but trust us, it's just SMB2 with a #4. Have fun, if you can. HAHAHA.

(The character select screen is shown. Mario, Wart, Link, and Bill all stand in a row.)

Link: What the heck am I doing here???

(Mario is shown on a mountain. Shy Guys walk around.)

Mario: Hello, Itsame, Mario! Doesn't this look familiar? Oh well, my attention span is only...what was i saying?

(Wart is shown crossing a bridge over a waterfall.)

Wart: Ribbit. I knew I should of joined the YMCA. Stupid Bowser jips me of immortality...

(Bill is shown floating around at the other end of the bridge.)

Bill: I'm just an extra. I'm Bill. The programmers couldn't come up with a new character. Why Me...

(The Bonus Chance slot machine screen is shown. The words "Take it or Leave it" are shown above the slots.)

Narrator: *NOTE* Gambling leads to problems. Winners don't gamble. Except Cool Winners. This note Provided by the WSQY. YES!!! Show me the Cash!

(Mario finally finds Luigi.)

Mario: Luigi! Don't go to the dark side! I am your brother!

Luigi: It is too late. David Letterman is almost on. You must now face my ultimate cration-Fred the Spanyard!

(Luigi WARPS away.)

Luigi: HAHAHA!

Phanto: I'm not really smiling.

Fun Facts Edit

Trivia Edit

  • During the comic, the character's health points are shown. Mario and Ward have six, and Bill has eight. However, Mario has seventeen at the end of the comic.

Real-World References Edit

  • This entire comic takes place in the world of Super Mario Bros. 2, despite what the title screen says.
  • Wart mentions the YMCA.
  • Mario reminding Luigi that he is his brother is a reference to a famous line from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.