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The EVIL-Luigi Story Part 3

Mario and Fred fight to the death.

Cast (in order of appearance): Fred, Mario, Kirby, Wart, Mushroom King, Koopa Paratroopa, Luigi

Date: Sunday, October 25, 1998

Number of Panels: 7

Transcript Edit

Fred: Mario, I will crush you! Prepare yourself!

Mario: Mommy!!!

Due to laziness of editor, this fight scene will be cut short. You should not be seeing violence anyway. It's bad for your mental health. Go watch CSPAN or something.-jay

After a thrilling victory in Pup-Con, Mario defeated Fred the Spanyard with only minor help. But Luigi still got away during the fight and escaped with the princess and his evil henchman Lemmy Koopa. Back at the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and his gang are formulating a plan to stop Luigi and bring peace to all. Peace to all that is...except those reading this comix right now...

Don't you just love the great special effects?

Mario: Momma Mia! Is this all! Where's my army! Oh well, lets go get Luigi!

Wart: I QUIT!!!

Welcome to Twerp Zone.

Mario: Stupid Map..

Mario searched at great lengths to find his evil brother and Princess Toadstool. With all of the other citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom hiding in fear, plus with Mario's Team quitting, (wusses) Mario is on his own yet again to fight an awesome force. Can he defeat Luigi, Lemmy Koopa, and the entire Koopa Troop that has bowed down before his evil brother??? WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!! Find

Mario: Hmmm...

Luigi's Invulnerable Fort

Luigi: Mario, you dolt, you have fallen into my EVIL trap. It's an ambush you IDIOT!!! So, what are you going to do now...


Mario: I need to retire...

Fun Facts Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the shortest part of The EVIL-Luigi Story.
  • Mario is in "Morld 0" with no extra lifes, coins, score or time remaining.
    • He also has J, A, and Y cards, but he loses them when he enters the Twerp Zone.

Real-World References Edit

  • Jay Resop recommends you watch CSPAN instead of reading the violent part of the comic.