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The EVIL-Luigi Story Part 4

Mario and Luigi- I mean Darth Butch have a lightsaber duel.

Cast (in order of appearance): Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Bill, Fred, Bowser, Link, Princess Peach, Wart

Date: Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Number of Panels: 10

Transcript Edit

Luigi: Mario, welcome to my Evil Fort, where you will meet your doom. Prepare yourself!!!

Mario: Mmm...Meat...I could go for a pepperoni pizza right about now...

Luigi: Luke...I mean Mario..come with me, join the Slightly-Black Side. The evil is powerful. Together we can rule the world!

Mario: Luigi! What have you become! Remember the good old days in Brooklyn!

Luigi: That name no longer has meaning to me. I am now Darth Butch, King of the Koopa Klan. Mario...I Am Your Brother.

Mario: Duh, I know that. Well, if you aren't Luigi anymore, then I'll have to Take You Down!

Luigi: Then let's get it on!

Luigi: You are beaten Mario. Hahaha, what a loser. Now I will destroy you!!!

Luigi: Wait! What is that! Nooooooooo!

Smash!!! Smush!!! Flat!!! Impale!!!

And so, after a long journey, Mario was
able to defeat Luigi, I mean Lord Butch of
the Koopa Klan, I mean the Smashed
Potato. May it be remembered in
history as Luigi Smushing Day. After
that day, Peace was brought throught
the land. Turtles and Mushrooms lived in
harmony. This is too good to be true,
something bad is BOUND to happen!

The End!

Thus Ends the 4 part story of
When-Luigi-Turned-Evil. Look
for the next comix, with a
completely different story.