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The EVIL-Luigi Story Special Edition

A remake of the entire EVIL-Luigi Story.

Cast (in order of appearance): Mario, Bowser, Koopa Troopa (Green), Koopa Troopa (Blue), Princess Peach, Luigi, Bob-omb, Goomba, Boomerang Bro, Snifit, Wart, Shy Guy, Vegetable, Toad, Link, Bill, Tweeter, Phanto, Fred, Cobrat.

Date: Friday, June 18, 2004

Number of Panels: 94

Transcript Edit

Mario: This is a tough fight... Good thing I packed a drink...

Mario: No.. I don't want to die a virgin...

Bowser: *Draws breath*

Bowser: AAAHHH!!!

Bowser: No... all I wanted was a friend...

Mario: Please end it quick...

Mario: Tell the princess I love here, ok, Bowser?

Mario: ...Bowser?

Mario: ...Hey.. he's dead!


Mario: I can see it now... I will be long remembered as a God... People will come from all over to worship me...

Mario: ..But for now, it's time to go and claim my prize....

Princess Peach: Sniff.. 43 Hours of Hogan's Heroes... I don't want to live..

Mario: Ah, My love...

Princess Peach: ..huh?

Mario: The evil king Bowser is no more, My love... now we can live in peace, for the rest of our lives...

Princess Peach: Hey, what's that...

Fun Facts Edit

Differences between the regular and special editions Edit

  • There are many differences in dialogue.
    • "This is a hard fight, glad I packed a drink." became "This is a tough fight... Good thing I packed a drink...
  • Bowser gets crushed by a brick in the special edition, where in the regular version he dies for no reason.